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We were published nationally! ~ 2017

After hearing about us through word of mouth, Lannon O'Brien from Cape Cod Magazine stopped by our little shop to check out our sweets and treats!  We had such a lovely time meeting her and speaking with her about our culinary loves and passions.


We are featured as a "Tid Bit" in the magazine, so if you'd like to learn more about us and all of the other places, people and fellow culinarians that make Cape Cod so great, you'll have to go out and pick up a copy at your local news stand!

We were published locally! ~  2017

We met the lovely Linda Hannon of Cape Deals through the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce while attending one of their spectacular evening networking events.  Since then, it has been a match made in heaven, and she has fallen in love with our chocolates so much, she's decided to feature us in her January-February issue of the Cape Deals Newspaper ~ available free at your local supermarkets and all across the Cape!!  Linda personally travels all over Cape Cod getting to know any and every business she can, bringing people and information together.  She is so very passionate about what she does, so if you have the privilege of meeting her, be sure to give her a warm hello and know that she is someone who truly cares!


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Elixir Confections Wins 1st Place Judge's Choice Dessert at the America's Hometown Thanksgiving New England Food Festival ~ Plymouth ~ 2016

"Every year over 2,300 eager attendees line up at the famous Plymouth Rock to attend the New England Food Festival.  This festival is a one of a kind experience and one of the highlights of the celebration weekend.  This good-natured competition embraces quintessential New England style cuisine in a heated tent on the historic Plymouth waterfront."


The third time was that charm for us this year to FINALLY have our 1st place win!  After three years of participation {the second year winning us a Runner Up recognition for our booth design}, the judges {one of whom was from "Hell's Kitchen"} LOVED our new Pieffles{TM} - the wonderfulness of combining tiny, sphere shaped pies and dipping them in chocolate, just like a truffle!  They are golf ball sized mouthfuls of joy!


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 We were on TV!!

We were on TV!!

We were guests on Talk of the Towne ~ Plymouth ~ 2015

"In this edition Karen has a NAM Teen Contestant, Annarose Cicchetti along with her Sponsor Rose Rocque of Elixir Confections as they discuss the upcoming Competition in California."


While living in Plymouth we were located next door to some pretty incredible people: the Cicchetti family.  Richard Cicchetti was one of our biggest advocates and was always willing to lend us a hand where ever he could.  In 2015, his beautiful daughter, Annarose, was a National American Miss Teen Contestant and very kindly asked us to be one of her sponsors and accompany her to be featured on "Talk of the Towne", hosted by Karen Buechs, to talk about our business and the upcoming stages of her competition.  There's nothing like having people around you who work so kindly to support your dreams so you can, in turn, support theirs back!


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 We've been PUBLISHED!

We've been PUBLISHED!

The Boston Globe: South Edition ~ Plymouth ~ 2014

When we were first starting out, we were featured in a story by the Boston Globe: South Edition.  We have grown a lot since then.  It was a wonderful feature to get to know us a little bit by, and we were so excited to be a part of it!


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