Our Story


Who We Are:

Rose Rocque
Owner ~ Confectioner


Felicia Rocque
Manager ~ Confectioner


Marc Rocque
Co-Owner ~ PR


Mike Ciampa


It all begins with love..

For us, a deep love of food, particularly sweets,  has been part of who we are for life..
- - -
For Rose, it began in childhood, eating Brach's Stars while meandering through the grocery stores of Philadelphia, PA with her beloved father and enjoying the amplitude of lovingly produced baked goods her mother made for her burgeoning family of 10 {8 children total + both parents}.
The skill with which her mother created those treats and the enthusiasm with which her father consumed his soon-to-be purchased sweets in the aisles of Acme instilled in Rose an incredible passion and appreciation for both the creation of such soul pleasing goods and the joy of their consumption!  She carried this foodie passion with her throughout her life, sharing it with her children as they grew, but it wasn't until they were grown-up that life found it's way to teaching her a late lesson: one's passions should be followed with confidence and clarity as soon as is humanly possible without allowing time to slip by.
That was the moment when she decided it was time.  Time to follow what was in her heart and finally pursue the education necessary to bring that love, skill and passion to the world..
- - -
For Felicia, an abiding love for sweets began en utero.  Never before had Rose experienced such a necessity to consume at least a little something sweet after each and every meal. As Felicia grew, similarly did her obsession with food grow too.  She lavished over her Easy-Bake, set up a tiny bakery-cafe run by her Barbies, created concise Thanksgiving menus for her Grandparents when they visited for the holidays, and learned the intricate art of cookie dough stealing at the sly side of her father.  She religiously watched "Great Chefs" and "Great Chefs of the World" when she came home from school, soaking up every ounce of information they had to give.  She made banana bread for her classmates, and once all had been served their share, charged 5-10 cents per slice for what remained, allowing her classmates to fight over who got those precious pieces.
She learned from her family that she had the touch of her Great Grandmother when it came to baking, and her mother taught her the importance of pie crust as it pertained to the expression of love.  {Nothing says "I love you" quite like a piece of homemade pie}  For her also, however, that same late lesson in life of not allowing her dreams to pass her by came at the same time it did for her mother, and so, together their path began..
- - -
Enter The Cambridge School for Culinary Arts in Cambridge, MA.  Though they had looked at so many different schools, something about that school, and Massachusetts, sounded like home.  They both excelled in their classes and graduated in January of 2014 {Rose at the ceremony, Felicia over Skype from Paris, France, having been awarded a 2 month internship baking for Noglu, at the time, Paris' only certified gluten-free establishment}
It was in their classes that Rose found herself enthralled with chocolate.  The process of it, its shine, its crisp "pop" when made correctly, its tastes, everything.  As Felicia worked in the field in various positions, Rose began to bring her dreams to life in the form of what is now today Elixir Confections.  Felicia soon thereafter joined her, and though they are still young in the eyes of the industry, Rose, Felicia and Elixir Confections are here now to bring to the community their abilities and passions and to try to give everyone they can that same "Aha!" and "Wow!" that comes with inspiring of their clients memories of their childhood or just an absolute infatuation with what they have created for them.
- - -
We invite you to join us as often as possible in enjoying what we have made for you, and hope only that you fall in love as much as we have!
Carpe Saccharum & Bon Appetit!